Laing International has been in business for 35 years at the Washington-Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC. Since 1979, we have experienced tremendous growth and excellent diversification of our import/export services. We offer the same services as our larger competitors but at a more competitive price. We understand the importance of cost effectiveness in today’s business environment, especially for new and small businesses.

Laing International is an ABI broker which means that your shipments get priority treatment with U. S. Customs. This interface allows us to expedite the clearance of your merchandise so that it can be delivered to your door faster than ever.

Laing International is a certified member of C-TPAT(Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). This program was set up by Customs and Border Protection to secure the supply chain from origin of a shipment to the ultimate consignee at its destination. We encourage our customers to become participants in this program.



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